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In need of capital to take on new orders, expand into new markets and grow your business without taking out a loan, Kamro Capital is the answer. We provide short term credit to Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in form of invoice financing. We are sector agnostic with a bias towards health and agriculture.


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Introducing Pesasa

Pesasa is a web-based invoice financing platform developed by Kamro Capital Limited to simplify and quicken the access to short term credit for small and growing businesses. Pesasa is accessed through a web browser from any device and comes with the following benefits:

Save Time

Quick processing time (within 48hrs from submitting application form).

Less Work

Minimal documentation/paperwork.

No Security / Collateral

No collateral / security required.

Pay Less

Only discount fee is charged.
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Improve Your Cash Flow With
Quick and Simple Credit

Did you know that you can get funding using unpaid invoices? You can either opt for invoice discounting or factoring to build your working capital base.

A financier i.e. Kamro Capital advances a business a portion of cash against its debtor book (unpaid invoices) and relies on the debtors’ ability to pay on time. The business is responsible for collecting payments from its debtors on the due dates and paying back the financier.

In this case, the financier i.e. Kamro Capital purchases all the invoices due for payment from a business and takes full control of the debt collection process unlike with Invoice Factoring. This relieves the business the burden of waiting for days to get paid.


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How To Apply For Credit

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Sign Up

Fill in the online application form i.e. bio data, business details and required loan amount. Attach the supporting documents and submit.
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Application Verification

In not more than 5 working days, due diligence is done, if successful, a credit limit facility agreement is sent to your email for signing.
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Funds Disbursed

A discounting or factoring application form is emailed to you, specify your preferred mode of payment i.e. bank or mobile money and funds are credited within 48 hours.
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